Funny Christmas Messages

Christmas is the time to wish happiness and joy to your loved ones. In order to make the festive season of Christmas more interesting funny Christmas messages will prove to be the best.

Sample Funny Christmas Messages

  • If you find that a huge fat man is putting you in the bag and kidnapping you, please cooperate with him, as he is Santa Claus. I have asked you from him as a gift for me on this Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas. Take care.
  • Christmas is a time when everyone wants his past to be forgotten and his present to be remembered. The only thing I don’t like about the exciting office Christmas parties is looking out for a job the very next day.
  • Christmas Eve is a race for knowing which gives out first – is it your money or is it your feet.
  • The one thing that no woman would want to find in her stockings on Christmas morning is her husband.
  • I have never believed in Santa Claus, as I knew that white man would come into our neighbourhood after the darkness is all over.
  • Santa Claus wearing a Red Suit says that he may be a communist. Also a beard and his long hair, says that he may be a pacifist. But I always wonder what’s there in his pipe that he is smoking.
  • Make sure that you mail your packages well in advance so that the post office does not delay it sending to me on Christmas time.

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