Funny Christmas Wishes Messages for Lover

If you have a lover that you want to give your sweet notes of love but with sarcasm or just a funny punch line, then give him or her funny Christmas wishes as an alternative message of the usual love letter this holiday. You know that you are telling the right thing for your partner this Christmas when it is sincere and gives him or her to smile or laugh the way you wanted it to be when they read the message so better yet, choose from this examples that will help you to give your lover the memorable letters this Christmas season.

Funny Christmas Wishes lover

Funny Christmas Wishes Messages for Lover

  • Merry Christmas to you my Love, I cannot celebrate that day without you in my side as it will be just an empty celebration.
  • The year is already near to end, Christmas is now and you are the precious gift that I can have from Santa Claus a he already give it to me without asking it. Thank you my sweetie honey and my lifetime partner.
  • I wish you and to your family all the good blessings and health, especially to all the love, care and understanding you always give to me as our relationship is one of the most thankful blessing I have from God.
  • Let us be more strong and stay faithful to each other, Christmas is the special day to express how I really love you as you change my life to do good and to be good not only for myself but to everyone. Let’s have a more good memory and a moment to cherish this holiday.
  • You know what makes this Christmas so extraordinary is you having a good time with it. You will always my childish partner that I will guide and take care of not only this year but all throughout our life as my loving partner.
  • You know what I am waiting under the Christmas tree is to see you unwrapped in the gift that Santa Claus has given to me, you are just the missing piece that I am waiting for a long time to complete this unfinished part inside me.
  • First of all I want to say a merry love you and lovable Christmas for both of us as you are just the fruit cake that will satisfy my hunger for adornment in my life, you are the only person that will sustain me as you me to you, I hope we will be stay for long and for good, not to be changed and be worst people as we are not to be.

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