Funny Greeting Messages for Christmas

Christmas! It is a merry occasion which brings with it happy celebrations and many wishes all around. Sending gifts and greeting cards to your loved ones is a part of the customs of Christmas celebrations.


The funny greeting messages for Christmas are those messages that people write to their loved ones in the greeting cards and these messages have a tone of humour in them. A few of the sample funny messages for the Christmas greeting cards are being given below.

Sample Funny Greeting Messages for Christmas

  • Make the Christmas wish list soon, list all that you want, because Santa Clause is coming around. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas dear little ones.
  • Hope this time your Christmas tree decorations will be completed in time for the New Year celebrations. Either way you can celebrate Christmas at our place. Merry Christmas dear friend.
  • I can’t wait to go out in the snow to make flying angels and snow mans. The joy of decorating the Christmas tree and making it shine bright is so much fun. Merry Christmas dear friends.
  • Merry Christmas! The merriest day of all is upon us, let’s celebrate it and make the day a memorable one. And also, since you keep getting the gifts I get you exchanged, I thought this time around I’ll get you something amazing. So I got you a big fat “Nothing”.
  • Santa clause is coming around, coming around. He got many gifts that are going around, going around. But you’ll not get one cause your chimney cap is covered down, covered down. Don’t go and check I am just goofing around, goofing around. Merry Christmas dear little Chris, I hope you get all you wished for dear nephew.
  • Christmas brings amazing celebrations; it’s a great occasion, to get some inspiration. So get inspired and live your life man. You are growing old and you aren’t going to see that many Christmases in the future. So enjoy each and every moment of this one. Merry, merry Christmas dear buddy.
  • Merry Christmas to all the homeless people, all thanks to you dear human being, a lot of homeless people will be celebrating the Christmas Eve with plenty gifts and food. Thanks for keeping the open heart, I tore a check out of your book and passed it out in our name, merry Christmas dear husband.

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