Romantic Christmas Messages for Lover

If you have a lover, having a time with him or her on the Christmas day is the most special moment not only because it is holiday but it is the time for sharing your love to everyone. You can have your affection be told to him or her by giving him special messages with the good wishes for the Christmas season. You can have your desired message here with our exquisite and heartwarming sample of notes for your partner before the year ends, let him or her know how you really love your relationship is with these messages.

Romantic Christmas Messages for Lover

Romantic Christmas Messages

  • You know my love, you are the guiding star in my darkest night this Christmas, you let your shine on may sight and guide me in my journey. Let me be your angel this day and guard you all the time of despair and crisis as it is the mark of the birth of our creator. I Love you so much my darling!
  • If Santa Claus would come again in my side, I will request him to gift wrap me and be delivered to your house this Christmas and be the greatest gift you will have on that day, I hope you will never leave me and take a good care of me as I am irreplaceable and one of a kind, just made only for you.
  • Christmas is a special day for children, for their gifts and moments to cherish in their youthful days, yet why I always bugging you to give me a gift? It’s because all I want for Christmas is your presence and be at your side all the time.
  • My honey you are all I need this Christmas day, your just the person I want to have, let my warm hugs and sweet kisses be felt by you as I will never be looking for someone, my heart is all for you and inside is my love for.
  • My smile is a chocolate and your kiss is a caramel, the best combination for this Christmas season as dessert, I will be always a charming person to you every day of the year so you will never get sick of me as I cannot live without you at my side.
  • If Jesus Christ has been given birth in Christmas day as salvation of humankind, it also means the day I know that you are may savior in my anxious life and my angel who always in my side that will protect and guide me

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