Sample Christmas Card Messages

Sample Christmas card messages are those messages which are sent to the near and dear ones on the occasion of Christmas through cards. These messages are used to convey good wishes to the recipient.

Sample of Sample Christmas Card Messages:

  • May the prosperous times and treasures of today, Become the amazing & wonderful memories of tomorrow and last forever! ¬†Wishing you a jolly, lovely and blissful Christmas!
  • May the love and joy snow on you, May the bells jingle for you! May the Santa Bring happiness for you, Have a merry Christmas!
  • The spirit of love, the blessings of peace, the beauty of hopes, the comfort of faith, May this Christmas fills your life with these gifts forever! Have a wonderful Christmas.
  • At the occasion of Christmas play and make a loud cheer, As the Christmas comes once in a year! I hope this Christmas Eve adds billions of Colours to your life and make you smile. Merry Xmas.
  • I love the Christmas occasion as yet and yet, I notice each year I live, I always like to give gift & to get, The Christmas occasion not to forget! Have a lovely Christmas!

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