Card condolence messages

Sending cards is one of the oldest and best ways to show that you care. In addition, if you can add a little message of you own then it will seem to be perfect. Sending a condolence card will not only help the receiver feel better for the time being but also help him know that you care.

Sample Card Condolence Messages

  • Dear Jack,

Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this time of difficulty. We are sorry to hear for what has happened.

Love, Emma and Family.

  • I have always admired Mr. XXX for the positively that he has been able to spread across. Now when I know that he is not in between us all I can say that he has been an asset to us and will always be a part of our prayers and memories.
  • [blockquote]I never got an opportunity to meet your elder brother but looking at you, I can say that he was a great man. Please accept my condolence on his demise.[/blockquote]
  • We will never be able to forget your mother, as she will always be in our heart. I will pray to almighty to give you the courage, support and strength to over come the situation.
  • I know how you would be feeling on the sudden demise of your dear daughter. She was a sweet and charming little girl, who was always able to bring a smile on my face. May her soul rest in peace.

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