Co-Worker Condolence Messages

Condolence messages are sent at the time of loss of someone to sympathize with the left over family members and relatives. At this time, co-workers may also send their warmest condolences to support and comfort the pain.

These messages that are sent by the co-workers are called as co-worker condolence messages. The messages are sent and framed politely.

Sample Co-Worker Condolence Messages

  • Deepest condolences for the loss of your mother from me and all the employees of our company.
  • May God give you the strength to face this tough situation. All of us from the office are there for your support and assistance.
  • Who have gone from this eternal world will never come back but their memories will always stay in the heart of the loved ones. We pray to God to give you peace and courage to face this situation. Do not worry about office as we will take care of everything.
  • We all know that you were very attached with your mother and today her departure from this world has left you in shambles. May God give you strength to bear the pain. Please accept heartfelt sympathies from all at the office.
  • Sometimes some people are simply irreplaceable in our lives but we need to accept the hard facts of life and move ahead.  We are really sorry to hear about the loss of your dear brother.
  • All of us from the finance department hereby pass on deep condolences to you on the demise of your dear father.
  • The entire HR department is sending the heartfelt sympathies at the loss of your sister. May the departed soul rest in peace.
  • This working place looks so empty and incomplete without the presence of Mr. Paul. His guidance and presence would be forever cherished by all of us. [blockquote]Please take this comfort in knowing that the entire team of Fortune Enterprises deeply expresses its warmest sympathies to you.[/blockquote]
  • Mr. Bob was a man who always lived on his terms and duties. He was not just a co-worker but a friend who will live forever. His demise is a moment of sadness. Please know that he will be forever blessed by all of us. Please accept our kindest sympathies on this loss.
  • I was so happy and blessed to have a co-worker like Mr. Fred. His esteem guidance, presence and modes of sharing happiness would be deeply cherished and missed forever. I am writing to deliver my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. 

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