Condolence Messages for Cousin

Condolence messages for cousin might be written to a cousin to comfort and sympathize with him at the time of his loss and sufferings.

These messages may also be sent to the cousin’s family at the time of bereavement of the cousin to support and ease them with your kindness and sympathies. The messages are written with deep love for the cousins.

Sample Condolence Messages for Cousin

  • The loss of uncle cannot be replaced, yet we are here to give you a shoulder for whatever you need my cousin; please be strong and try to hold my aunt tight!
  • I heard that grandpa is no more. Can’t believe it yet as he just left our house a week back to enjoy a stay at your place! Please take care of uncle and aunty. I send across my heartfelt condolences cousin!
  • Dear cousin, please accept my genuine condolences as I hear of the demise of your mom. Aunty meant a lot to us as she was the most inspiring persona of our family. We shall miss her always, May her soul find peace in heaven!
  • I can feel your pain as you need to lead the rest of the life all alone; your wife was not only your constant support but also a source of happiness and peace. Please gather all the strength and see, we are all standing beside you for a hand. Please accept my condolences dear cousin.
  • I could not see you breaking apart every moment in the funeral today; thus I came back early. Please accept my sincere condolences on losing your father; we will miss him forever as he was always my favorite uncle.
  • Dearest cousin, we cannot bring back the one who we have lost. We can just live in the memories and love that she has left behind. I and my family members are with you during such a difficult phase of your life. My deepest sympathies are with you brother.
  • [blockquote]Dearest cousin sister, do not lose your heart on the loss of your brother. I may not ease your pain by my words but I am here to let you know that I will stand by your side in your thick and thin as your real brother. Please take care of you. You are never alone.[/blockquote]
  • I am stirred and devastated to know about your situation. Dear cousin, please be strong and have courage in your heart. I will be with you in every situation and task that you may perform. Please take utmost care of you. I am just a call away from you.

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