Condolence Messages for Loss of Sister

Condolence messages for loss of sister are the condolence messages which are written to an individual who has lost his or her sister. The messages may be sent by a friend, a relative or an acquaintance/ colleague. A few examples of this type of condolence messages are given here.

Sample Condolence Messages for Loss of Sister

  • The sweetest presence of your sister would be remembered by all of us forever. The news of her demise has saddened our hearts. At this difficult time of your life, please take this comfort in knowing that we are there at your side. Accept our sympathies and condolences.
  • I was shocked to hear about the sudden demise of your beloved sister. We all know the immense love that you had for her. You have been always praising her for her kind attitude and warm nature. Please know that you are there in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept our kind condolences and take care.
  • May GOD’s blessings be with you at such a difficult time of loss of your dearest sister. No words may heal the pain that you carry in your hearts, please remember that her memories and love will be with you now and forever. Please feel free to tell us for any kind of assistance that you may need. Take care and accept our heartfelt sympathies.
  • Words may appear few to let you know how sad we are to hear about the loss of your sister. She was a girl with kind and loving heart. At this difficult time please accept our heartfelt condolences and know that we are there for you.
  • [blockquote]I know you really loved your sister; she was your best friend in the whole world. All I have to say is that I am always here for you.[/blockquote]
  • She had the prettiest smile and the sweetest voice, and she was a brilliant student. She will be missed by all of us, here at the school.
  • [blockquote]I am so sorry to hear about your sister, now you have to gather the strength to support and hold the family.  I pray for her soul to rest in peace.[/blockquote]
  • Her death is a cause of great grief; I will miss her for every moment of the rest of my life.
  • Dear friend, I know this is a moment of unbound distress for you. So I want to let you know you can always lay back on us. We pray for her soul to lay in peace.

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