Condolence Messages for Teacher

Condolence messages for teacher are the messages that are sent at the time of bereavement of teacher. These messages might be sent by a teacher’s student or the student’s family members to comfort the helpless family with your sympathies and support.

The messages might also me sent to someone who has lost his ideal teacher, to comfort him for the same.

Sample Condolence Messages for Teacher

  • [blockquote]Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your teacher. I know your teacher was very special to you! Our deepest sympathies are with you.[/blockquote]
  • Life is the greatest gift that god has given us. Death is only a bridge towards eternal life with god. My deepest condolence for the loss of your teacher!
  • Goodbye is never easy. Pictures never carry your warmth. Memories always pierce the heart and no words can say it all. With deepest sympathy to my dear teacher!
  • You are so very special, so this comes to know that you’re loved a lot. For the ways you helped me to bloom! With deepest condolence to my teacher!
  • So sorry to hear the news friend. My thoughts are with you. My condolences to your teacher!
  • Please accept my condolence for the tragic death of your beloved teacher. May her soul rest in peace!
  • I am extremely shocked to hear the news about the death of your teacher. Please accept my deepest condolence!
  • I’m sorry to hear the sudden demise of your teacher. I offer my deepest condolences!
  • I am sad to hear the news about the death of our teacher. May his soul rest in peace!
  • I am in a deep shock to hear about the loss of my favorite teacher. GOD can not call this heavenly lady to Him. I will forever remember the useful teachings and guidance provided by her. Please take care of you and we are just a call away for any kind of help that you may need.
  • [blockquote]I was very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved teacher. I can recall the respect and fondness that you had for her. Do not be sad and be strong. We are with you to support you in this difficult time. Please take care![/blockquote]
  • It was a sudden shock to hear from a friend of mine about the loss of our dearest teacher. She was a respectful lady who held a great position in our institute. We extend our heartfelt sympathies on her loss.

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