Diplomatic Condolence Messages

Diplomatic condolence messages are exchanged at official level for consoling and extending support to an individual who has lost a loved one.

These kinds of messages are generally formulated tactfully by keeping in mind the gravity of the situation and hence should contain words of comfort for the grieving individual(s).

Sample Diplomatic Condolence Message

  • It is really upsetting to know that a near and dear one of yours has passed away suddenly. I hope you get the mental strength to be strong.
  • We are saddened by the death of your father. We are there to help you and extend our support whenever you need. Our condolences are there with you.
  • [blockquote]I am feeling sorry to know that you have to go through this mournful situation due to the sudden death of a family member. I will pray to god to give you strength.[/blockquote]
  • The death of your mother is a big blow for you and your family members. I pray that you become mentally strong and support your family member emotionally.
  • We have been struck by a dismay feeling after we got to know about the death of your father. Our condolences are there for you and your family. Let us pray for the well being of the soul.
  • We deeply sympathize the sudden death of your family member. We hope you would be able to cope with the situation and come out of it soon.
  • My condolences are there for you. May god give you strength to bear the loss.
  •  We are deeply upset on the sad demise of your loved one. Hope you are strong enough to stand beside your family at the time of loss. We would always extend our hand of support at this situation, whenever you need.
  • Dear (name), I am sorry to hear about the loss you and your family have undergone recently. Hope you come across this mournful situation soon, recognizing that the deceased soul is watching you from heaven.
  • A feeling of dismally struck us on hearing the sad demise of your closed one but we are helpless to the inevitable happenings of our life. Let’s pray for peace of the departed soul and our heartfelt condolence would always be there with the despondent family.
  •  We express our deep sympathy to you and your mourned family on the loss of your dearest person. Hope you cope up with the situation gradually.



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