Heartfelt Condolence Messages

Letting someone know that you care is important, however it is even more important that they should be written straight from the heart with the usage of right words and true feelings.

Writing a condolence message can be termed equitant to be standing in front of someone and giving a hug to say you care.

Sample Heartfelt Condolence Messages

  • I understand that it is a rough time that you are going through. Just want to say that I am right here for you and will pray to God so that you can handle it well. May your grandma’s soul rest in peace.
  • [blockquote]I am sorry to hear that you lost your sister like this. May god gives you and your family the strength to overcome the situation[/blockquote]
  • When we loose such a special person in our life, time seems to stop. However, it is important that  we start to live again with a smile on your face so that we can make his soul happy, as he is still looking at us even if we can’t.
  • [blockquote]I was not a part of your family but your dad always made me fell a part of him. I am sorry to hear about him and he will always be a part of our memories.[/blockquote]
  • Please accept my deepest condolence to you and your family in the loss of your aunt.
  • I am sorry I could not come but just want to let you know that you mom was a very special lady and will always be remembered.

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