Sad Condolence Messages

Sad condolence messages refer to the messages that any one may use to express his or her sorrow to someone he/ she knows when that individual (recipient) is going through the grief period on the demise of someone.

Given below are a few samples of sad condolence messages:

Sample Sad Condolence Messages

  • We pray to the lord almighty, may his soul be granted the eternal bliss. We will always remember him in our prayers, our thoughts and our hearts.
  • In this time of sorrow I am thinking of you, praying that you find hope in midst of this darkness and comfort in midst of this pain.
  • [blockquote]She may not be alive anymore but she will never be gone. We may not hear her or see her, but she will always be around watching us and protecting us.[/blockquote]
  • I know that death of your mother will leave a heartache that may not heal, but remember all the memories of her will always be there in your heart. Death cannot take away the love that you shared.
  • We experience sorrow on his demise, but it is comforting to knowing his suffering has ended. We will always keep him alive through our own spirits.

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