Sample Condolence Messages for My Uncle

Condolence messages for my uncle are the messages that may be sent to an uncle to sympathize with him for a particular suffering or the distress that he might be going through.

Or, these messages may be written on the bereavement of uncle to sympathize and support the helpless family members and relatives. In both the cases, the messages are written with deep love for the uncle.

Sample Condolence Messages for My Uncle

  • Dear uncle I was shattered to know about the sudden death of aunt. I understand that you have lost your life partner but I would like to tell you that I, your nephew am always there beside you. My condolences are with you.
  • I am saddened when I got to know about the untimely death of uncle. He was a jolly man who always kept everyone around him happy. I pray for the well being of his soul.
  • I request you to be strong uncle and be there as a support for your wife. It is really difficult when one loses his son and I can understand the pain you are going through. My condolences and prayers are there with you.
  • Our uncle was a great soul who has dedicated all his life in helping others. It is difficult to think that he is no more. Let us join hands and pray for his journey to heaven.
  • We would all be missing Uncle Ben. My condolences are there with his family.
  • I am really sad to hear about the death of Aunty. You and your family members are there in our prayers and in this difficult phase I am always with you dear uncle.
  • Dearest uncle, it was a great shock to hear about the sudden demise of aunt. I and my family members are with you in any kind of support that you may need. You are always remembered deep inside our thoughts and prayers. Please take care.
  • [blockquote]I just can’t believe the unexpected death of my dearest uncle. He was my ideal all through my life. I will not be able to forget him. I am messaging to deliver my heartfelt sympathies to you all. Have courage and will power in yourself. Everything will be settled soon. Take care.[/blockquote]
  • I was so sorry and shocked to hear about the death of my uncle. We all loved him dearly. You are not alone, we are just a call away for any kind of help that you may need. Please take care.

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