Sample Condolence Messages

It is important that you show sympathy. However, a condolence message needs to be written with a lot of care as you are trying to touch someone emotionally. The words written in the condolence message should show that you are sorry otherwise can sound very rude.

Sample Condolence Messages

  • I am sorry for your loss and hope God gives you the strength to over come your loss and live life in a positive way.
  • [blockquote]It came to me as a shock and I am worried for you, since you were close to XXX, I can understand that it will be very hard for you to overcome the situation.[/blockquote]
  • I heard about XXX and can’t believe that this has happened. The last time I saw her she looked great and the smile on her face was able to bring one on mine too. Although she is not with us physically at present, I am sure she will be a part of our life, in our memories.
  • I will pray to god that you help getting relief from the pain that you are going through with the sweet memories and the comfort you shared with XXX.
  • I might not be able to say what I am feeling right now as I don’t have enough words but all I can say is that may you get the strength to overcome the situation.
  • I might not be able to reduce the pain that you are going through at present but just want to let you know that you will be a part of prayer.

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