Thank You Notes for Condolence Messages

Thank you notes for condolence messages are sent to thank all those people who have extended their support and sympathies as the time of loss of someone.

These are the thanks giving messages that thank all the people for their condolences and sympathies at the time of need. The messages express the gratitude of the person who has lost his loved one.

Sample Thank You Notes for Condolence Messages

  • I’m shattered with the sudden death of my father, but your words gave me the strength, thank you for the condolence message.
  • I want to thank you as your words helped me to gain strength in this difficult time. Thanks for being there for me always.
  • Though it is hard to believe that my sister is no more with us but thank you for the condolence message as it helped me to gear the strength and console my parents.
  • Your condolence message was a strong support in the times of my personal distress. The loss of my wife cannot be replenished but friends like you are a great support.
  • Thank you for your condolence message, it was so kind of you to attend to my hour of loss. Though I am still upset with the loss of my granny, your note really touched me!
  • It is great to know that you people loved my grandfather so much; thank you for the condolence message. I am thankful to you and your family to pray for his kind soul.
  • Thank you for the condolence note; it was a great boost for my bereaved heart as I lost my closest friend.
  • [blockquote]I am writing to thank you for your endless sympathies and words of condolences that you expressed at the time of loss of my brother. It was really comforting to know that we are in your thoughts and prayers.[/blockquote]
  • Please accept my sincerest thankfulness for those beautiful condolence wordings that you delivered at the time of loss of my beloved grandmother. It was of a great help to me and my family to ease our pain. She would have loved the flowers that you sent along with the condolence message. Thanks a lot.
  • I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring at the time of loss of my brother. Much thanks to you for your condolence and kind sympathies.
  • I am writing to deeply thank you for your support and sympathies at the time of loss of my mother. Your condolences were very comforting!

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