Bridal Shower Congratulations Messages

The bridal shower day is a very special day for any bride, and the messages sent by friends, relative and close ones should not only be warm, touching but also reflecting how happy everyone is as the recipient enters a new phase of life. The messages should wish the girl the best days and for the future with her soul mate. Bridal shower congratulations messages can be sent through a small gift or said verbally while attending the event prior to the grand wedding day. Here are few ideas that can help you to weave up some of the best bridal shower congratulations messages

  • Finally when you have found your Mr. Right, we just can’t wait for the grand moment when you unite with the man of your dreams. Congratulations on your wedding and please accept our heartiest best wishes!
  • You are beautiful and bridal glow on your cheeks show how blissful you feel these days. We are sure you both will have a very happy life together. Congratulations!
  • The wonderful day is not much behind and we are eager to see you decked up in the best fineries for the grand event. Congratulations for the best match and we wish you a prosperous journey together!
  • We are very happy to see you settled with the most eligible bachelor of the town, no one could be a better match for you. Congratulations for the wedding day!
  • Everything is all set and ready to take you to the best man’s world; nothing to worry anymore, just wait in coyness for your Mr. Right. Congratulations!
  • The special man who is all set to take you in his arms can’t hold on to his anxiety anymore! I’m sure you are equally eager, just a few days more and you both shall tread a new world together – happily and merrily! Congratulations!
  • Only few more days to go for the grand wedding event, we friends are all geared up to be helpful in every way possible. Just give us a buzz, and wishing you a heartiest congratulation for finding the best match ever!
  • Only a day to go and you get dressed as the most beautiful bride; we will miss you dear but the thought that you have got the most caring and loving husband will make us happier for sure. Congratulations for the best soul mate!
  • This is a busy and happy time, your smiling face says it all how happy you are to have him as your life partner. We wish you all the best for the wedded life and a big congratulation.

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