Citizenship Congratulations Messages

Citizenship congratulation messages are those messages that congratulate a person for achieving his citizenship certificate of any country.

These messages are sent to a citizen who has recently got his citizenship, to congratulate him for the same. The messages are framed and sent with an excitement and love for the new citizen. Such messages congratulate a person for achieving his citizenship.

Sample Citizenship Congratulation Messages

  • A certified citizen of a country can live a life of dignity and privileges, congratulations as you get the citizenship document in time!
  • Heard of your attainment of citizenship here, congratulations and welcome amidst us. The country gets an able citizen and we get our dear friend!
  • This was probably your wisest decision of getting the citizenship here; and congratulations that the officers did not delay in giving you the best service! Happy living!
  • As you become the citizen of that country, you might have changed your country origin but we are still the best of cousins despite our different homeland. Congratulations on your citizenship!
  • Congratulations as you achieve the certificate of citizenship in such a short notice. It’s nothing but the blessing of God that your documents are in perfect shape as you proceed with the international project!
  • We all congratulate you on getting the citizenship of the country, now you are one of us and our very own. Have a happy stay here!
  • Citizenship certificate is something very prestigious to gain, and congratulations as you achieve it! May you get everything your desire for success in the country. Be positive and hope for the best in life!
  • We heartily send across our congratulations to the new citizen of the country! Hope you will not forget your old pals!
  • It was so nice to learn that you have achieved your citizenship certificate. I am sure that you must be feeling so happy and great. Congratulations on your citizenship and I am sure you are surely going to enjoy your days here!
  • [blockquote]I am so glad that you can now be called as an official citizen. I am getting this feeling to be called one. Congratulations to you for your citizenship and I hope we develop a great relationship.[/blockquote]
  • I heard from a friend of mine that you have achieved your citizenship on time. I am sure that you must be feeling great with that citizenship certificate. Congratulations to you for the same and now you are a citizen of this country with an added name.
  • Congratulations for being an official citizen on this country. Live free and stay smiling. 

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