Congratulation Messages for Baby Girl

Congratulation message for baby girl is given to couple having a first born girl in the family. It is usually given via card with designs of femininity, indicating the great welcome of the baby girl as a new member of the family. The message should encourage the parents to be responsible and strong in raising their offspring’s especially their little girl, with coming of their angel; it will open new possibilities and strengthen their relationship as a family.


Cheering up the parents especially the mother is important as it is the point of where she is at weakest after giving birth due to the new accountability, every message counts specially when praising the looks of the baby girl. Here is a sample:

  • More joy and happiness may come into your life as a little angel was given to you by God as they are his blessings from heaven
  • Raising a child is not simple task as you will support her in a lifetime even after she will have her own daughter, parenthood is a lifetime responsibility.
  • don’t look at your offspring’s as investment but a little seed that needs nurture and protection when they need it most, after you have given all your efforts to do your responsibilities for them, they will return the favor even if you don’t ask them.
  • Raise them in the ways that she must be developed; see it in her eyes that she will be the one that will make every day of your life as a parent meaningful
  • You will see yourselves inside your daughter so teach him the value of hardship and integrity in life as it is the basic things to be a better person that most people lost.
  • Your baby girl adds up to the ingredients that will make your family whole, each with their uniqueness and features.
  • To the mother be patient in cleaning and feeding your little angel, she will be the one that guards you when you are asleep, to the father have the courage and endurance to give your family that things they need as they require you to be one.
  • This baby girl is the magnificent being that both of you give to your parents as they are now grandparents, it will mark a good memory into their heart and mind when they look at her and see them taking care of her all the time, they will teach her all the wisdom that they learned throughout time.
  • Let your little baby girl put a smile in every moment of your life, it will be just a glimpse of a moment to see them grew up from their infancy.

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