Congratulation Messages for Baby

Congratulation messages for baby refer to those messages which are sent to someone who has had a baby recently. These messages can be meant for any near or dear one and must be self written in order to convey the genuine feelings and emotions of the sender.

Given below are a few sample congratulation messages for baby.

Sample Congratulation Messages for Baby

  • A beautiful baby girl has entered your life; she will make life even more beautiful. Cherish each moment with her for every moment is really special and unique. Congratulations dear friend.
  • [blockquote]God has blessed you with a cute little baby boy. I know he must be a bundle of joy, I hope to see him soon. Many, many congratulations on the birth of your first baby, a baby boy.[/blockquote]
  • Becoming a parent and holding your child for the very first time is a feeling that cannot be equalled by anything else in life, ever. And now you have the pleasure of experiencing it, I am so very happy for you. Congratulations dear sister.
  • [blockquote]The small little steps of an angel have graced your life and I hope that all of you will have a great future. I pray for the baby to get the best of things in life and to be a great person. Congratulations on the birth of you baby. God bless.[/blockquote]
  • I pray to god to bless this little angel with all the joys of the world. Many, many congratulations for this new beginning in your life. I hope you lives will be filled with warmth, love and happiness.
  •  Heartiest congratulations on the new found joy in your life.
  •  Congratulations on the new addition to your lovely family. May the baby boy have a healthy life.
  •  Greetings for the baby whose smiles will bring you tremendous joy and will fill your hearts with love and pleasure.
  •  Congratulations for the baby. May your house be joyous with the smile of the baby.
  •  Great celebrations are on the way for the new born baby. Enjoy every moment of these days and cherish all the smiles and innocence for your entire lives.
  •  May the baby be blessed with all the joys and achieve greatness in life for all. Many congratulations for the new born.
  •  The baby is a blessing for you. Best of luck in life to all of you.
  •  Wishing you tons of congratulations for a baby boy.

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