Congratulation Messages for Employee of the Month

For a company to have an employee who excels in his position is already such an award that a recognition of his deeds should be announced by the whole company to boost his performance even more. One way of doing so is by simply handing over a card congratulating him for being a company’s asset for the whole month during conferences or company celebrations.


This article provides sample messages of congratulation messages for employees who have performed beyond the expectations. The messages’  mood should be sincerely cheerful rather, and it is important to be use business-like words for purposes of professionalism. The messages are free and can be used by companies who wish to do so.  If there is a need of rewording and rephrasing then you may do so since these messages may be used as mere guidelines in composing your own congratulation for purposes of being unique.

  • A well deserved award is to be given to (name of the employee) for giving an outstanding performance for the whole month of May. For an employee who’s worked with us for two months only, you  delivered a performance far beyond the expectations of tenured employees. We look forward to the coming days of this company with you. Congratulations!
  • This award is for (name of the employee) for making the company take pride of its services by working with excellence in your tasks. The records have undergone a thorough investigation and left traces only with your commitment to work. We would like to congratulate your outstanding performance and offer you our deepest gratitude for being part of this company’s family.
  • We would like to offer our warmest congratulations to (name of the employee) for showing how committed you are with your work by hitting more than the targeted individual quota. We, the head of the company, would like to hand this certificate and this memento as token of appreciation for your work commitment.
  • This certificate of (name of the employee) is to acknowledge his dedication to the path of his career. The company is more than honored to have you as one of its employees by giving your best and for being consistent with your work routines throughout the whole month. We congratulate you for your devotion to this company, may you continue to flourish
  • To the best employee of the month, (name of the employee), we would like to congratulate you for living by the integrity of your profession, and for giving the best performance as an employee. We are truly thankful for your effort which has been a good contribution of our still-growing company. Congratulations and Thank you!
  • In recognition of (name of employee)’s hard work, we congratulate your exceptional performance for the whole month. As a compensation of this professional achievement, it is only right to appoint you as manager to this prestige of a company. It is an honor for us to have you as part our exemplary employees. Best of luck to your new tasks and, again, congratulations.

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