Congratulation Messages on Job Promotion

When a person is promoted to a new job, his friends, relatives or any such person send him messages to congratulate him for his promotion.

Such messages are called as congratulation messages on job promotion. These messages extend sender’s congratulations to the reader for his promotion and also appreciate the efforts done by him.

Sample Congratulation Messages on Job Promotion

  • Hey Lucy, so good to hear about the promotion that you got on your job. Congratulations for it and may you get many more such promotions.
  • [blockquote]Many congratulations on your job promotion in your new job. I am so happy for you and hope that you achieve many more of these successes.[/blockquote]
  • Life is a mix of good days and bad days. Today is your good day and I wish to congratulate you for it. This promotion is much deserved by you.
  • This promotion was long due and is rightly deserved by a candidate like you. I am very happy for you and wish to congratulate you for getting it. God bless.
  • The news of your job promotion comes as completely surprising news but it sure is a good surprise. Congratulations to you for it and hope there are many more promotions coming your way.
  • [blockquote]Congratulations to all the employees who have got promotions on their jobs. Good luck for the future because promotions mean added responsibility and added work.[/blockquote]
  • Many congratulations dad for the much deserved promotion. Hope there are many more achievements and successes coming in your career in the future.
  • You have finally done what nobody could have every thought of. Congratulations! You have been promoted to the job post of a Vice Chancellor. We hope that you will give best out of you, for this position. Good luck.
  • I am delighted to know that you have been promoted as a marketing manager position at your firm. This was not a cup of tea. You have finally made it. This calls for a celebration. Congratulations!
  • It was great to know from a co-worker that you have been promoted to a job post of a senior manager. Your dream to occupy that position has finally turned true. Heartiest congratulations to you and all the very best for your continued success.
  • You have been promoted to the job post of a General Manager of our company. Congratulations to your for such a victory and we hope that you will prove us right for our judgments.

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