Congratulations Messages for Students

Few words of encouragement and inspiration can bring a booster drive in students to prove even better the next time. Congratulations messages for students should be such that makes the person feel happy as his triumph or achievement is being noticed by well wishers and they appreciate him. These messages also should be motivational and should keep up the spirit of the student for further betterment. Here are few samples that can be aptly used for such a situation.

  • Hard work and perseverance always pay. I knew from the very first day that you will get the scholarship. Congratulations.
  • It is not easy to top amongst thousands of students. But you did and made us proud. Congratulations.
  • We always knew that you are good but never thought that you will score such high marks in your exams. Congratulations and best of luck for your future.
  • Getting selected at the best university surely is not a joke. And it is only due to your hard work and dedication that you have achieved this. Congratulations and keep up your good work.
  • It was your parent’s dream to have you admitted in the best school of the city and you have made them proud. Keep working hard and I am sure you will achieve all that you want. Congratulations.
  • There was a time when you did nothing apart from playing football and that only has helped you in getting selected in the best club of the city. You have really made your coach proud who first taught you what football is. Congratulations.
  • You knew it from the first day that your parents would not be able to afford the expense related to your higher studies but you still tried and bagged the scholarship. You made your teachers really proud. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.
  • In today’s very competitive world, it requires much more than just hard to be at the top. Determination, dedication and the wish to be number#1 are what counts. Congratulations for being a topper throughout your school life and I am sure you succeed in anything you do.
  • We all dream but only a few walk that extra mile to achieve it. Congratulations and good luck!
  • Getting that ‘best student’ certificate was your dream and you really worked hard for that.  You deserve it the most and a heart filled congratulations for it.
  • You were the only student in my class who forgot about the entire world while singing and I knew it from day 1 that you will shine like a star. Congratulations for being the most famous singer!

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