Congratulations Messages to Lover

Congratulatory messages to lover can be sent on occasions of achievement like passing of exams, getting a job, promotion, awards, or some other fulfillment. The congratulations messages to lover should be such that the recipient feels loved, supported and motivated for further goals in life.

The messages should be warm and touching as it will be coming from the very special person of his/her life. Here are some instances of how you can weave such messages for your lover –

  • My morning became brighter seeing your soaring result in the paper. I am so proud to be your love of life. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to you for buying the new house; as I know how much we both dreamt of it. Can’t wait to stay in that house with you soon. Love you.
  • Congratulations on your new job as it mean a higher profile for your career; but will really miss those days spent with you in the office; working with you was so fun. Love you.
  • So happy to hear the news of you getting selected in campus job. I’m sure the work place will not only be comfortable but help you to make a strong foundation in your career! Love you darling!
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] I know how much you wanted to deliver your own creations. Congratulations on opening your own boutique. Hope your business goes just the way you want.[/notice]
  • I knew well that you would be the topper. Congratulations! So proud of you my love.
  • So happy to see you promoted in your job. Wish to see many of such promotions in my life. Congratulations honey!
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] Congratulations to you my love on being an uncle to the sweet princess. Can’t wait to take her in my arms.[/notice]
  • Seen you doing all the hard work and today I am happy to see the success. It’s proved again that hard work pays off. Congratulations my love.
  • Congratulations for the completion of the long awaited project. I can clearly see your dreams coming true. Always love you.
  • Congratulations on adopting the cute little pup! Have a playful time with the fluffy one. Will join you soon!
  • Congratulations for getting admission to the university you always dreamt of. May all your dreams come true! Love you.
  • [blockquote] A new house and a new car, what more can a girl ask for from her soul mate! Thank you and Congratulations on being the apt owner of these! Love you.[/blockquote]
  • Hearty congratulations to you my love for the success you have achieved and you are worthy of more!

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