Funny Congratulations Messages

We all like to congratulate our near and dear ones on their success and achievements. Funny congratulation messages make your congratulatory wishes memorable and also contribute to a good laugh.

And what is a better gift than making your loved ones crack up and laugh on their happy occasions. Here are some funny congratulation messages that you could use to wish either in text form or in person.

  • I will miss your cute nose that wrinkles up at the smell of trouble, and I will miss saying no to the bland contents of your lunchbox when you are in a new country faraway. But still, congratulations for the prestigious job!
  • Your promotion means that I have to bid farewell to homemade curries, local gossips, and office drama; spread your contagious laughter in your new office. Congratulations!
  • You will now grow fat and eat like a whale, but this is the best phase of your life; so cherish every moment and keep the little baby well. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • It will soon be time to lock up your “s” size clothes and revamp your wardrobe with all plus sizes; congratulations on your upcoming motherhood.
  • It’s time to go out in the sun and have some crazy fun. Go chase girls on the beach and catch hold of everything within your reach. Congratulations on topping your exams!
  • You started walking with small steps with those tiny legs. But now you are a big boy. Go and conquer the world with giant leaps. Congratulations on your admission to this prestigious institution.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ] Gone are the days when you played with Barbie dolls. You will have a real doll soon. Make sure you don’t use talcum powder for making milk like we did during our childhood. Congratulation to the would-be-mommy. [/notice]
  • So now that you’re married, wear ironed shirts and don’t forget to comb your hair daily. Bring food for lunch and don’t live on jam and jelly. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • I am very happy now that I have one place to clean and another to crash at. All these days you’ve lived with me, now it’s time to change our venue for party. Congratulations on your brand new home.
  • [blockquote]  In this office you stood by early to work and late to bed. Make sure it’s the other way round at your new place. Congratulations on bagging a super cool job.[/blockquote]
  • I am ready with the list of all my troubles. All these days I did not get treatment because I was waiting for it to be free. So when should I come and see you Doctor? Congratulation on your medical degree.

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