Funny Engagement Congratulations Messages

Humour provides an entertaining and different take on everything. If placed in the right way, at the right time, it is sure to win you a few laughs.

Engagement and marriage are both occasions which call for jokes. Alternatively, you can send a card to the couple getting engaged with a funny congratulatory message.

This sets you apart from the others and thus you etch a mark on the couple’s mind and heart. Here are a few sample funny engagement congratulations messages:

Sample Funny Engagement Congratulations Messages

  • Hey! Since you’re engaged now, can I date your sister? Just kidding! Congratulations!
  • [blockquote]You lost your last chance to freedom! I hope you spend your entire life as a captive of love! Congratulations on your engagement![/blockquote]
  • Engagement is just eyewash. Keep an eye on that man till he puts than ring on your finger, girl! Congratulations!
  • Are you sure you don’t want to cry about being single anymore? Is the answer is yes, then congratulations on your engagement!
  • [blockquote]Don’t worry! This is just an engagement. We will throw you an awesome bachelor party aka ‘goodbye fun life’ party. Congratulations on your engagement![/blockquote]
  • Attention! The word ‘jail’ has been revised to mean not just the ‘prison’ but also ‘a married life’!! Oh I forgot you’re already engaged! Congratulations in that case!
  • It’s good that you’ve found your partner. We were not being able to tolerate you in our group anyway. Congratulations on getting engaged!
  • Congratulations – to you for your engagement, to us for yet another chance to make fun of you!
  • Didn’t you go to the bank this morning? Well you should, because this is just the start of a series of parties! Congratulations on your engagement!
  • This message is a sign of mourning from all of us- we will miss our most attractive soldier. Cupid’s shot was strong indeed! Congratulations!
  • If you don’t want your fiancée to know all your secrets, you better throw me an awesome engagement party! Congratulations!
  • [blockquote]Congratulations! You two look tired with all the messages already! Imagine what it will be like with the ‘spending our lives together’ part! Congratulations on getting hitched![/blockquote]
  • Well, since we paid all your bills till date, this is the best time to repay us. We demand a five star banquet dinner as an engagement party. Congratulations!
  • Finally there is someone to deal with your anger management issues, insecurity, trust issues, worrisome nature and your drinking problem! Congratulations on finding the perfect mate!

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