Funny Marriage Congratulations Messages

Weddings are a time for celebration and fun, especially when the happy union happens between people close to you, like your best friends. So along with your wedding present adding humour to your wishes is a great way to congratulate couples on their special day. Here are some funny marriage congratulations messages that will add laughter to the celebrations.

  • You were the most intelligent guy I knew. How did you commit this foolishness that is not only brainless but super expensive? Looks like you finally listened to your heart! Congratulations on your marriage!
  • Hope you have insurance for advanced vision treatment. Looks like your beautiful bride is completely blind to have said ‘Yes’ to you. Congrats on your wedding!
  • Marriages are made in heaven, but destroyed on Earth. Hope I get to see a heavenly home when I visit you next. Congratulations on getting married.
  • You two were enemies in high school. How come you’re standing here exchanging wedding vows to love each other forever, when you actually should be in jail for murdering one another? It is a miracle! Congratulations and happy wedded life!
  • I have started believing in destiny. You two loved, left, hated, ignored, and then went away from each other’s lives. And then BOOM…you met again, fought again, loved again, and now you’re married. Congrats!
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ] Congratulations to you on your way to the most luxurious and expensive prison in the world-the newlyweds bedroom. Once you get in you will keep coming back because now you will have a ‘criminal’ record! [/notice]
  • Make your husband fat. His paunch will shadow your increasing waistline. That’s the essence of marriage. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • Now you will frequent the lingerie section guilt-free. Say, “I’m shopping for my wife”! Congratulations on getting hitched.
  • People say that marriages are made in heaven. It’s a lie. Nothing as scary exists in heaven. All the best on getting married!
  • You’ve not practiced in ages. Therefore, you couldn’t run today. So now stay together forever. Happy wedding.
  • [blockquote] It’s never too late before the wedding. And then, it’s never ever early. She will always take her own sweet time. Happy Wedded life ahead [/blockquote]
  • It’s the spare key to my empty apartment that you should be thankful to. It was because of this little object that you two united. Literally! Congratulation on your marriage.
  • Oh my god. Now you pretty little thing will be living with a boy. There will be socks on the bed, wet towels on the sofa, and snoring in the house. Happy married life!

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