Hilarious Congratulation Messages for Father-to-Be

When a wife gets pregnant it is usually the mothers who get to receive congratulation messages for conceiving while fathers are all left behind in this scene. It is highly appreciated by those daddy to be if a heartwarming congratulation message will be received than just a mere pat on the back of the shoulders. If you have a friend that is taking his first steps in early fatherhood then this article will definitely do you good.

Congratulation sample messages for soon to be fathers are offered here for free and you may even rephrase or rephrase the messages you find bellow. In changing some of these words and phrases it is important to take note about setting the right tone to deliver the effectiveness of this type of message. You can study the sample messages below, too, and use them as guidelines in composing your very own congratulation message.

  • For all I know your balls were completely useless until it was announced to everyone that your wife has recently conceived a child. I was going to suggest you cut your balls soon but it’s a good thing that I did not tell you that. I hope you’re ready to become a great father. Congratulations!


  • Who knew that the most quiet person in our circle would be the first one to become a daddy. You have finally found the girl of your dreams and have decided to mark her forever by giving your love juice to her. May this decision of yours ameliorate you as one good father. Congratulations, my friend.


  • Congratulations to the most un-fatherly best friend that one could ever have, for another blessing has been received. I know you’re happy enough that it makes you very anxious, although I would like to think that you are anxious because you still are not committed to dad obligations, for your first child is only months away till I become his godfather.


  • I hope you pray at night with a grateful heart to thank the God for the gift that he has bestowed upon your family. Congratulations for becoming a dad, and may the challenges ahead be easy for you to handle. Should you need any tips in becoming an awesome dad feel free to contact me for every girl in this town knows who the best daddy is.


  • I am struck with utter bewilderment knowing that some girl out there has decided you to become the father of his children. You have finally found someone who can keep up with your silly pranks that even she did not hesitate to become a mother as a prank. Congratulations for this, buddy. Promise us to show your best in becoming a great father, okay?


  • Buddy, I think it’s about time you start practicing with diapers and while your kid is still not born I am very much willing to volunteer as your little baby as of the moment. Congratulations on becoming a father! may your son obtain the genetics of the mother for there is nothing good to be acquired in you.

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