Job Anniversary Congratulation Messages

Job anniversary congratulations messages are just small and thoughtful gestures that appreciate the recipient of his hard work in the workplace. Such messages not only motivate the person but also bring a positive feel about the job and encourage him to prosper equally in the coming professional years. Job anniversary messages can be sent by co workers, senior managers, family, friends and well wishers, through cards or even verbally. To get an idea of such messages, check the samples below –

  • Congratulations for completing a year in this office. Looking forward to many more such years.
  • Completing 20 years in this office calls for a celebration. Congratulations and thank you for dedicating a part of your life to this office.
  • Working under you has been a wonderful journey as we all got to learn so much. You are an inspiration and thank you for treating us like a family. Congratulations for completing 10 years in this office.
  •  I can’t believe that it has been a year that you have started working. Congratulations on your 1st job anniversary and best of luck for you future.
  • It feels it just been yesterday that you joined office. Congratulations son, for completing a year in your business and for putting in so much hard work.
  • This is your dream job and I am sure that you are very happy at what you are doing. Though you are away, we are happy to know that you have succeeded in reaching your targets. Congratulations on your 2nd job anniversary, dear daughter. Good luck!
  • Congratulations for completing 6 years in your company, dear husband and best wishes for your future.
  • I was the happiest when you cracked this job and now I am the happiest knowing that you completed 8 years in the same office. That’s really inspiring. Congratulations and hope your career graph keeps moving up.
  • Working in an NGO that works in the roughest and toughest of the circumstances is not easy. It requires dedication and determination and I am glad to know that you have completed 5 years in there. Congratulations.
  • Working in the same office for 30 years at a stretch is something worth mentioning and I must say that I am blessed to have an employee like you. Congratulations and best wishes for all your future endeavors.
  • We both joined this office on the same day and next year we shall retire together. This is the last year I can wish you happy job anniversary; it was great to have a friend like you in my professional zone.

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