Sample Congratulation Messages

Congratulation messages are sent to someone to congratulate them for something good that they had done in their lives. Sample congratulation messages are such messages that are sent to congratulate a person on his success, purchase or any such thing. The purpose of these messages may vary according to the sender’s wish and can be customized according to his desire.

Sample Congratulation Messages

  • I recently heard from my mom that you are a graduate! It gives me immense pleasure to know that my guidance and teachings has helped you in some way to reach till this stage. I am so happy for you on your graduation. Congratulations!
  • You have made us so proud. We call you a star of our family! Congratulations.
  • It was so nice to hear that you gave birth to a baby boy. I was always waiting to play and cuddle a small little prince of our family. Thanks for giving me such a beautiful gift. Congratulations and May GOD bless you and your child.
  • Congratulations! You have finally reached till the end.
  • Sending you congratulations for your all rounder award. It is a moment of great pride and enjoyment. Celebrate it with your friends and relatives.

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