Twin Baby congratulation messages

Birth of a newborn is a celebratory occasion but when a couple is blessed with twins, it is more often a pleasant excuse to double up the celebrations.

Friends and well wishers of the family now have one more reason to celebrate. Hence, congratulatory messages sent on this occasion exude love, blessing and a sense of ecstatic joy.

Sample Twin Baby congratulation messages:

  • Congratulations to both of you!!!! Archimedes could never think of it, Galileo could never imagine it, Newton could never even dream of the possibility; Einstein would’ve completely failed to do what you guys just did…….  YOU JUST PROVED: 1+1=4.
  • Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!  Twice the wishes…  One each for the two new members of your family.
  • Congratulation!!! Both of you have been blessed with more than one reason to be ecstatic…. May God’s grace continue to enlighten your lives like this forever.
  • Congratulations my friend, I am looking forward to meet the newly arrived twin bundles of your joy.
  • [blockquote]Congratulations on the arrival of the twins!! The fact that both of you are such wonderful human beings are proved by this act of God who has bestowed upon you with twice the happiness…..[/blockquote]
  • Congratulations to both of you!! It was really a very pleasant surprise to know that you have been blessed with twins. I am sure you guys are going to be wonderful parents, but one thing is for sure that both of you guys are going to have your hands full, quite literallyJ.
  • WOW!!! Well that’s exactly what I said when I heard the news…. Congratulations on having cute twins.

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