Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

Wedding anniversary messages for wife are the messages written with love, care and compassion by the husbands for the wives on the day of the wedding anniversary. These types of messages must be framed in such a manner so that it must convey the heartfelt feelings of the husband. The messages can be sent through cards, SMS or even social networking sites. Some samples are given below for reference.

Sample Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

  • Exactly a year back on this auspicious day we became one soul. Since then I have always loved you and promise to love you the same way for upcoming days. Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary my dear wife! Let’s spend this day together with a lot of happiness and love!
  • It’s 10 years for today and I still feel like it was just yesterday. These were the wonderful 10 years of my life and I wish to live more of it. Wish you an amazing wedding anniversary my sweet wife! I love you a lot!
  • Wedding anniversary is the best time to celebrate with your love every year and this year I am very happy to celebrate it with you again. Hope we continue this for numerous years and let our love live long. Many best wishes for the wedding anniversary my loving life. I promise to love and care you a lot!
  • The stars are shining and the moon has showered the blessings on us. On this stunning night, I confess that the love you bestowed on me has made my life and I promise to love you more and more every day. Many best wishes on our wedding anniversary my sweetheart. You have been a wonderful wife and an amazing life partner!
  • I still can’t believe that it’s been a wonderful 25 years of life spent with you my darling. My dream has truly come true with an amazing wife like you. You have come to me as a blessing from the cupids. Thanks for everything that you have given me till date and on this special day, I promise to love you more for the coming years. Let our life long. Many best wishes on this lovely day of our life my wife. Happy wedding anniversary! Cheers!
  • Wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate with love, care and wine. With a beautiful and an amazing wife like you, the celebration doubles. Happy anniversary my love!

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