Wedding Congratulations Card Messages

Weddings are celebrated as the most important event in a person’s life all over the world.Friends, relatives, colleagues are all invited and the couple seeks blessing from all for their new start.

Cards are an accepted and loved way of expressing congratulations by everyone.Send a wedding congratulations card to the bride and groom for their special day and make them feel your love and blessings.

Let the couple know that you care for them and wish their new life to be successful. Here are a few samples of wedding congratulations card messages:

Sample Wedding Congratulations Card Messages

  • Marriage is the strongest bond bringing two people close to each other. Be there for each other. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • You complete each other. Wish you a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations!
  • [blockquote]More than responsibility and concern, marriage is about staying by each other’s side. Wish you a lifetime of togetherness. Congratulations to the bride and groom![/blockquote]
  • May each day of your lives bring more love to you two. Congratulations on your new start!
  • You can never be tired of each other when there is so much love to share that a lifetime falls short. May your bond grow and strengthen. Congratulations to the newly married couple!
  • Don’t worry about people spotting you together in public places- you don’t need to keep it a secret anymore! You belong to each other for all your lives. Wish you the best for your new life. Congratulations!
  • [blockquote]Wedding is just a day in your life, but marriage comes with a promise of togetherness for a lifetime. Congratulations to the bride and groom![/blockquote]
  • May the mighty lord shower you two with his blessings all throughout your life. Congratulations on your special day!
  • This day is the day of seeking blessings from your loved ones for the new chapter in your life. It also shows how much love you have for one another to decide to spend the rest of your lives together. Hope you find more love and reasons to be together always. Congratulations!
  • May this day be the start of a long and happy journey together- for as long as you live! Best wishes and congratulations to the newly married couple!
  • Hope you do all that you have planned together and discover much more to be done together. Wish you the best on your special day!
  • It is wonderful to see the two of you entering such a strong bond. Wish you happiness of a lifetime. Congratulations!

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