Wedding Congratulations SMS Messages

Wedding is one of the most significant events of one’s life- be it a man or a woman. It is different from every other occurrence since it brings about a new chapter, adds a whole new meaning to our lives.

Weddings are events for celebration all over the world and any congratulatory messages are an inherent part of any celebration.

SMS or text messages can be a quick and convenient way of sending congratulations to your loved ones on their special day. Here are a few samples of wedding congratulations SMS messages.

Sample Wedding Congratulations SMS Messages

  • I’ve seen the two of you single and I’ve seen the two of you together. Never ever in my life have I seen two people so happy and complete when they are with each other. Hope you always stay this way. Congratulations on your special day!
  • [blockquote]Though the thought of getting married scares away a lot of people, the fact that you guys stuck through it is proof of your love and attraction. Wish you the very best for your new start.[/blockquote]
  • It takes a lot of courage, perseverance and hard work to maintain a love relationship the way you guys have. Congratulations on being able to take it a step forward! I know you will always be there for each other, forever and more.
  • May this day be remembered as one which brought the best new turn to your life. Congratulations to the bride and groom.
  • I’ve seen you happy, sad, angry, irritated, upset, tired, excited and what not! I have never felt that you are so complete with someone- neither have I seen you so sure about something. Congratulations and best wishes for the new life!
  • They say best friends often get jealous and don’t want to share their friend with anyone. I don’t mind when it’s someone with whom you are your happiest best!Congratulations on your special day!
  • [blockquote]I never thought someone as fickle minded and irritable as you could be calmed down and made happy and there can’t be anything better than getting that person beside you all the time, all of your life. Congratulations to my crazy friend on his wedding day.[/blockquote]
  • Marriage comes with a lot of promises- of togetherness, of love, of strength, of support. May the two of you find all of that and more in your journey with each other. Congratulations to the bride and groom on their wedding.

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