Winner Congratulation Messages

Winner congratulation messages refer to the type of messages which are written to somebody who has won something.

To be more specific for example the sender may the school authorities wishing a school team for winning a certain event or a friend/ relative wishing someone for winning something.

Sample Winner Congratulation Messages

  • With a proud heart, we welcome the winner of the International Tennis Tournament to our house. Heartiest congratulations for the well deserved victory, celebrate your achievement merrily!
  • [blockquote]You have finally won the competition! Congratulations and this surely calls for celebrations. You have shown the true signs of your will power, perseverance and determination. Keep up the spirit and enjoy. Heartiest congratulations.[/blockquote]
  • You are the winner of International Debate Competition 2013. You have outshined your talents amongst the group of 1000 candidates. It was surely not a cup of tea but a great achievement. Heartiest congratulations and we look forward for great celebration.
  • It was a sheer luck that you won the lottery. Congratulations and enjoy your win!
  • Dear son, heartfelt congratulations on winning the scholarship. You have really made us proud and we have thought to celebrate your victory. You have really made us happy. Congratulations!
  • On behalf of Florida Sports Association, we wish to congratulate each of the basketball players for their splendid victory. You are the true winners. Congratulations and this surely calls for a party!
  • You are a true winner! Not just a winner, you can be called a dedicative leader. Congratulations on your achievement.
  • [blockquote]We proudly welcome the winners of the national basketball tournament at the high school level. Our heartiest congratulations to the school basketball team.[/blockquote]
  • Dear Amy, we congratulate you for winning the spelling bee competition. You are the best speller, with love, mom.
  • We at the Harper Collins book festival would like to congratulate Tom Gates for he has won our annual quiz competition.
  • Hey bud, many heart filled congratulations on winning the super bowl lottery. We are really happy for you.
  • Our heartiest congratulations to all those who have participated and won in this year’s writing competition.
  • Hey sweetheart I am so proud of you on winning the dance competition. You have gotten amazing talent, I am really happy, love mom.
  • Oh my god, my little girl has won the scholarship. I am a proud mom of a brilliant girl. Congratulations baby.

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