Easter Across The Miles Messages

Easter across the miles messages are those messages that might be exchanged between two people who are across the miles from each other.

These messages might be the distant messages that are sent to convey sender’s blessings to the reader on the Easter festival, living across the miles from one another. The messages reflect the love of the sender towards the reader around Easter.

Sample Easter Across The Miles Messages

  • From across the miles, I am sending my wishes and smiles. I am sending my warmest love and blessings. This is my Easter wish to you and it greets to say happy Easter to you.
  • [blockquote]Sorry I am so away, but in your heart is where I always stay. Since Easter is here, I am deeply missing you my dear. From across the miles, I am sending you my Easter wishes with lots of smiles. Happy Easter to all of you.[/blockquote]
  • Sending you an Easter kiss to tell you that how much I miss. Across the miles, so away, I will always live in your heart with a pleasure stay. Happy Easter and I really wishes if we could celebrate it together with a cheer.
  • [blockquote]From across the miles and the way so far, here is my Easter wish to bless you for what you are. Happy Easter![/blockquote]

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