Easter Greeting Card Messages

Easter is the festival celebrated by Christians present all over the world. It marks the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected. People exchange greetings and seek blessings from Jesus by visiting churches on this day.

Easter greeting cards messages are exchanged by people to greet each other with happy Easter day and welcome them by sharing Easter eggs, candies, chocolates and colorful candles.

Sample Easter Greeting Card Messages

  • Jesus Christ lived to be our Light and Guide. Happy Easter!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Open your heart to Christ in the same way that He opened the tomb when He has risen. Happy Easter![/notice]

  • Embrace this day with a smile and feel His healing power. Happy Easter!
  • Feel how God works in your life. He has once again showered you with a blessing of being born again. Happy Easter!

[notice noticeType=”info” ]God love us so much that He gave His own life for our sake. Rejoice and be glad for God has risen for us. Happy Easter![/notice]

  • Embrace this day because this is God’s way of telling us that He is alive. Jesus has been reunited with His Father once again. Make way and be reunited with Him as well. Happy Easter!
  • God is good. He will not allow us to drown into our sins. Be good to Him because He is our Salvation. Happy Easter!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Celebrate this day because we are living a new life that is clean from sins. Be a new human today. Happy Easter![/notice]

[blockquote]God has proved His power, to let you and me live longer! Happy Easter![/blockquote]

  • The new life we’re given today So that each day will be a blessed day! Happy Easter!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Be happy because you are loved. Celebrate because you are saved. Happy Easter![/notice]

  • The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Joyful living. Happy Easter!

[blockquote]God renews to us in each spring. May this promise of Easter fill your heart with peace and joy! Happy Easter![/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Let this day be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness. Wish you a Happy Easter![/notice]

  • Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.
  • May u live long life and that Easter day comes in your life a hundred times.

[blockquote]May the angels protect you, sadness forgets you, and goodness surrounds you this day. Happy Easter![/blockquote]

  • Here is wishing warmth for your soul on Easter and always! Happy Easter!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]The Easter feeling signals a start of a brand new life. Happy Easter![/notice]

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