Easter Messages for Friends

Easter messages for friends are those notes which are sent to one’s friends on Easter to wish them happiness and reaffirm their faith.

Easter is a religious festival celebrated by Christians all over the world signifying the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The tone of the messages can be kept casual and personal.

Sample Easter Messages for Friends:

  • On this auspicious day of Easter, may the Lord shower his blessings on you and may all your wishes come true. Happy Easter my friend.
  • [blockquote]Easter is that special day when we all remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how he promised he shall never abandon us. You, my friend, have been there for me through all my pain and I wish you happiness with all my heart. Happy Easter.[/blockquote]
  • Easter brings us hope of a new beginning. May your life be full of joy and a fresh new start. Wish you a very happy Easter.
  • [blockquote]On the occasion of Easter I would like to wish you a new beginning full of joy and untold happiness and hope our friendship continues forever.[/blockquote]
  • Let the spirit of Easter show you the way to success, peace and happiness. I wish you a very happy Easter with all my heart, dear friend.

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