Easter Messages for Girlfriend

Easter messages for girlfriend are messages sent to one’s girlfriend on Easter. Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion.

It reminds us of the sacrifice Christ made and these values must be absorbed in our relationship too. The messages can be written in an informal, loving way.

Sample Easter Messages for Girlfriend

  • Last year you came into my life and that was the best Easter gift I could have asked from God. Today we complete one year of our relationship and your presence in my life makes my Easter special. I love you and Happy Easter to you!
  • On this auspicious day of Easter I promise that I would always be there beside you in your times of sadness as well as happiness. I love you and would like to wish a very happy Easter!
  • It is the presence of a girlfriend like you that makes my Easter a special one. I hope you also have the best Easter of your life. Happy Easter to you!
  • We always seek for angels during Easter and I already have mine and that is you. I am lucky to have a girlfriend like you. A very happy Easter to you!
  • On this day God sacrificed his life for the well being of mankind. I promise that I would sacrifice my life for my love. Happy Easter my love.
  • My sweetheart, I hope you have the best Easter of your life and enjoy a lot. I love you and happy Easter to you.
  • By God’s grace you came into my life and I hope the Lord continues to shower his blessing on us. Happy Easter to the most beautiful person in my life.
  • [blockquote]On Easter I make a promise to you that I shall always fill your life with happiness and hope just like you make me feel rejuvenated. Wish you a very happy Easter.[/blockquote]
  • Easter shows us the way of hope and promise of something beautiful. I wish our lives be filled with joy and ending hope even when things are not smooth. I wish you love and a happy Easter.
  • The Lord gave his life for mankind and showed us the path of sacrifice. I promise to do everything to keep you happy and make every sacrifice so that you get peace and joy. Happy Easter.
  • I am blessed to have an angel in my life. Happy Easter to you.

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