Easter Messages to Christians

Easter is a festival that is celebrated amongst the Christians with a great joy and excitement. At such festivity, messages are exchanged amongst the Christians to greet each other with an Easter day wish.

Such messages are called as Easter messages for Christians. The messages are written with deep love for the Christians and convey sender’s blessings to the readers.

Sample Easter Messages to Christians

  • May Jesus Christ shower his richest and pure blessings on you and your family this Easter. Happy Easter.
  • [blockquote]As the Christ is raised, it’s time to rejoice and cherish the Christian festival. May you have a joyous and a prosperous Easter.[/blockquote]
  • The promises of Jesus resurrection such as peace and compassion will surely make you pious. A very happy and blissful Easter to you all.
  • This is a right time to glorify the Lord who forfeited His Son for all of us. Have a blessed Easter!
  • May this Easter shower you with lots and lots of peace and forgiveness. Stay happy and cherish the spirit of Easter in your hearts. Happy Easter.
  • Praise the holy lord this Easter! Happy Easter to you and your family. I wish that this day be filled with Christ’s love and hopes.

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