Easter Messages to Friends

Easter messages to friends are sent to loving friends for showing care; affection and making them realize their importance in your life.

Such types of messages are full of enthusiasm, hopes, love and enjoyable quotes. An Easter message to friends can be sent via e-mail, mobile and card, etc.

Sample Easter Messages to Friends:

  • Life has a great scope to live; friends like you fill the life with real fun and joy! Wishing you merry Easter with great happiness and cheerful moments ahead in life! May the Lord shower bright light of endeavour blessings on you! Happy Easter!
  • [blockquote]Easter is a Promise made by God to bless us with new springs and dearest friends like you! I hope this Easter will fulfil your wishes and bless you with a great year ahead. Wising you a happy Easter![/blockquote]
  •  Easter bring Fun, Easter bring joy!   Easter bring tons of happiness, Easter bring the Light!  Wishing you an Easter full of joyous and cheerful moments! May the God bless you & your family with good health and prosperity!
  • May the sadness forgets you, May the happiness surround you! May the troubles forget your way, May the God Protect You! Wishing you a colourful and bright Christmas my dear friend and hope you will achieve your goals and success in your life!
  • The bells of the Easter Eve are gladly ringing, the birds outside your window cheerfully singing! To wish you Merry Easter! May the Lord fill your soul with the light of hope and give a new start to your life! Get ready to welcome a new Life. Happy Easter dear friend!

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