Easter Messages to Loved Ones

Easter messages are sent and exchanged amongst all, especially the Christian community. Easter messages to loved ones are the messages that are exchanged between the family members, lovers or any such loved ones to greet them with an Easter day wish.

Such messages are written with profound love for the loved ones and are written to convey the blessings on the festivity.

Sample Easter Messages to Loved Ones

  • Let today’s Easter fill your heart with love, compassion and peace. Have joyful and blissful Easter.
  • Happy Easter son! You will be glad to know that your father has brought you a shining Easter bun!
  • Your company is a best gift that I could ever get on Easter. You are as sweet as a jelly bean. Happy Easter.
  • [blockquote]Dearest loved one; I sincerely pray to Jesus that this Easter you be blessed by love, grace and joy.  You are my world. Happy Easter![/blockquote]
  • Your birth bought a striking sunshine in my life. Happy Easter to my dearest sweetheart!
  • May this Easter bless you like I am blessed to have a son a person like you. Have a warm and a joyous Easter.
  • I am glad I found you. Let your Easter be filled with gladness and happiness all around. Happy Easter.

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