Easter Messages to Lover

Easter messages to lover are the messages that are exchanged and sent amongst the lovers to convey Easter wishes. Such messages are written with love and fondness for the lover and are sent to bless and greet the lovers with an Easter day wish. The messages might be sent along with an Easter cake, Easter buns etc.

Sample Easter Messages to Lover

  • [blockquote]Dearest darling, I sincerely pray to Jesus that this Easter you be blessed by love, grace and joy.  You are my world. Happy Easter![/blockquote]
  • Dearest sweetheart, since I love you the best, I am sending you the jelly beans in a nest. Have a wonderful Easter.
  • Mat this springtime you get an opportunity to bask in happiness and kindness. Have a blessed Easter, dearest lover!
  • Hey, you are my best friend and my favorite part of life! I would love to spend this Easter with a partner like you.  Happy Easter!
  • Sweetheart, your birth was a major blessing in my life. Let us celebrate this Easter together! Happy Easter.
  • [blockquote]Since spring is on, it is the time for an Easter holiday with you! Wishing you the happiest Easter. May you be blessed with Jesus love and grace.[/blockquote]

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