Easter Passover Messages

Passover is celebrated two days before the Crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Easter Passover messages are the messages that are exchanged between people with a purpose to spread the meaning of freedom from bondage.

Sample Easter Passover Messages

  • The two greatest religions- Christianity and Judaism are witnessing holidays! Have a happy Easter and Passover.
  • [blockquote]For Jews, the time has come to be freed from the slave bondage. Celebrate the freedom and have a happy Easter Passover.[/blockquote]
  • May this Easter Passover bring you happy holidays. Celebrate the festival with high spirit and great enthusiasm.
  • It is the right time to walk through a progression from despair to joys and never ending bliss of our lives. Celebrate this happy moment and have a joyous Easter Passover holidays.
  • Take a very long deep breath. The time has come when you can celebrate Passover and relax your hearts.
  • Be grateful and thankful to what you have in your kitty. May you and your family celebrate the holidays of Passover joyfully and merrily. Have a great Easter.
  • Let the spirits of Easter and Passover light your heart and mind. Be alive and celebrate the holy festival delightfully! Happy Easter and Passover to you all.

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