Short Sweet Easter Messages

Easter messages are the messages that are exchanged amongst the people to greet each other with a happy Easter wish. These messages are generally framed in an attractive manner.

Such messages when are framed in a short, precise and in a sweet manner are called as short sweet Easter messages. These messages convey your Easter wishes sweetly and precisely.

Sample Short Sweet Easter Messages

  • [blockquote]You are so sweet to be, you mean a lot to me. Accept my Easter blessings and enjoy while you are celebrating. Happy Easter to you and your family.[/blockquote]
  • Dearest son now is the time to have great fun. Finally Easter is so near and we now have a chance to celebrate it together. Happy Easter and May Jesus bless you with love, joy and laugher.
  • [blockquote]I must tell you that this is my Easter wish to you. It says happy Easter to you and tells you to always stay happy, smiling and true. Happy Easter to your family too.[/blockquote]
  • Do you know why I am rising so high? It is because I can see the celebrations of Easter in my eyes. I want you to celebrate it too and here is my wish to say Happy Easter to you. 

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