Christian Encouragement Messages

Christian encouragement messages are useful to imbibe the right thoughts in the mind of a person so that the person can pursue good things in life.

The following are some sample Christian encouragement messages for your reference.

Sample Christian Encouragement Messages

  • Even when you lose, just remember not to lose hope. God is there with you to hold you in his arms and pick you when you fall.
  • At the time when you need god’s love the most, just look to him. He will bless you Amen!
  • People get what they deserve easily, but to get the mercy of god, you have to be more deserving. And then comes the Christ to give you mercy.
  • When bad things happen, tell yourself everything happens for a reason and Christ is getting you out of it without your knowledge very easily. He will take you to the place you want.
  • More than faith in god our respect to god will clear all our hurdles, without us asking to him. Such is the glory of Christ.
  • When you very down and when you feel no one is accompanying you, all you have to remember is you are not alone it is the Lord himself carrying you.
  • Whatever happens in your life, god wants you to do your duty and have faith in him.
  • Remember that there is nothing that can come between you and the Lord. Do the right thing and keep saying god is there between you and everything else happening to you. He is taking care.
  • God will not be silent when his men are facing trail. He will stand in the court of law and fight their case as an advocate.
  • [blockquote]Every person is valuable. The reason is not for doing great things. But just because we are present on this earth.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]The reason change does not occur so easily is because we ourselves we not want to change the status quo. Once we start the attitude to change, God will surely be with us.[/blockquote]
  • We should be patient and calm with our desires. Otherwise God can show different consequences of such a hurry.
  • God will always guide the man with the right thoughts. Even when there is mist on the floor, the man can feel the presence of a rock if God is with him.
  • [blockquote]Converse with God daily. It gives peace, calmness and comfort. And it is the most beautiful activity in the world.[/blockquote]
  • Whenever you find it difficult to choose the right way, pray God. He knows your destiny and will guide you similarly.

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