Depression Encouragement Messages

Depression encouragement messages are those messages that are sent to encourage a person who is depressed for something in his life. These messages are the encouraging messages that motivate a person to be positive and never be sad.

Such messages inspire a person during his depression for some reason and hence help him out to come out of his depressing phase.

Sample Depression Encouragement Messages

  • What is a need of being so depressed? You are wasting your entire life by being so stressed. You should rather find means of happiness and a way to escape from this unnecessary mess.
  • [blockquote]Depression is nothing. It is just your mind running towards negative thoughts and your heart following your mind in the race. Do not let both of them win. It is a time for you to shine. Throw away your depression and find the path that leads to happiness.[/blockquote]
  • You have got just one life to cherish forever. Why to waste a day by being depressed ever. Listen my dear; depression is nothing but just a fear. Grab up the spirit and fight with your depression and don’t let it be near.
  • [blockquote]Never be sad, instead be glad. You have got just one life; greet it with lots of surprise. [/blockquote]

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