Encouragement Greeting Card messages

Encouragement messages can be sent and delivered to people in variety of ways such as through encouragement e-cards, sms text messages, greeting cards messages etc.

Encouragement greeting card messages are such messages that are sent through the greeting cards and are sent to motivate a reader for a desired reason or for any general purpose.

These messages are sent with an aim to inspire the person.

Sample Encouragement Greeting Card Messages

  • Dawn never comes without a night; victory never comes without a fight. Please remember that rainbow never appears without a rain and happiness never appears without some pain.
  • [blockquote]If you would never know the taste of a bad apple, you would never know the taste of a good apple. Sometimes it is necessary to experience life’s bitterness to get acquainted with life’s sweetness.[/blockquote]
  • Choice is of a person to either become a victim or a victorious. Life gives you ample chances to be bitter or better. It is the way you deal with your life, continue to rise.
  • [blockquote]Never complain about the darkness of your life, instead appreciate the moments of light. Always stay happy and cherish each passing day and night.[/blockquote]
  • One should keep on trying and learning. This is GOD’s biggest blessing.

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