Encouragement Messages for Lovers

Lovers and their journey of love is always not smooth for all; many have to confront objections, arrogance and hindrance from family and society where they need to prove their love and dedication for each other quite often.

Encouragement messages from friends and well wishes come as a fresh air to the lovers and inspire them to go ahead proving the world how much they are perfect for each other. Here are some lovely sample messages that can be used as encouragement messages for lovers during various occasions; these are well crafted with loving and motivational words –

  • The norms of the society cannot be a reason for you to get separated any day. We have seen your love and commitment grow each day and now you are just inseparable. Show your courage and win your love!
  • Cupids struck you both with a special arrow that has endowed bountiful endurance, perseverance and love in you two. Just have faith in each other and wait for the right time! Good luck!
  • You both have been the ideal set of couple in our college since years and today just for family you cannot fail for your commitment. We are sure you both will overcome all the hurdles in life and prove to be a perfect husband and wife as well!
  • We were shocked to hear that you both ran away to get married; but then who could stop the passionate lovers! Go ahead my friend we are happy that you have the courage to achieve what you rightly deserve!
  • God bestows all his strength to lovers who are genuine and shares their lives for eternity. So just don’t worry as things will fall in place very soon.
  • We have seen both of you since childhood and are confident that you both are just made for each other; then why are you hesitating to put up the proposal in front of your family? Just have faith in your love and confess…
  • Crisis moments can come up soon as you both depart from this office and shift to other cities, but your love should not recede by an inch; such gem of partners are rarely found – so take care and good luck for your future together!
  • Higher will be the sky when you try to touch it – same is with the challenges in love life. Do not be disappointed, instead gear up and prove your love to the world in loud words and eternal nuptial bond!

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