Encouragement Messages to Children

We know that words have enough power to create a miracle. Hence, we can encourage our children during crucial periods through messages.

This will surely give them the courage to succeed. This is also a way of saying that your wish and support is always with them.

Sample Encouragement Messages to Children

  • You had great scores in the last annual test and now it’s time to gear up for the coming one, hope you do even better this time!
  • The family always had a tradition to see doctors with every generation; but your mathematics skill say that an engineer is on the way! Good going boy!
  • I have seen many children playing with crayons, but your strokes with the colors come out as matured sketches. Continue this hobby for the betterment in future my girl!
  • Heard that you won a trophy last time for the on stage dancing performance? This is indeed great news, waiting to see more of such successes in your coming days!
  • Taking a big medal on the shoulder is indeed something commendable at such tender age of only 5; my heartiest congratulations on winning the school tournament boy!
  • So, my girl is afraid for the annual papers? But as far as I remember she has been the topper throughout the last few years; even if not in the first position for the board, you are my number one always! So gear up!
  • Reach out for the stars, yes my strong child I’m with you wherever you reach because you are already my shining star!
  • [blockquote]My dear child, my support and wishes are always with you. I have strong belief that you can achieve success in your venture.  I have faith on your hard work. I just want to encourage you to put your best in the work which you have undertaken. All the best.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]I always know my child is the best. I want to see you climb every mountain of your life and touch the peak of success. You will surely get all the success in your life. My wishes and blessings are always with you.[/blockquote]
  • May be you are younger than me but I know you are mentally stronger than any elder. You are my brave child. You always make us proud and I know you would come out with flying color.
  • My strong boy, I am always with you. I know your hard work will propel you to the top position. My encouragement is always with you.
  • Dear child, today I just want to encourage you for your great job. I hope you will get success all through your life.
  • Son, me and your mom hereby wishes you all the very best for your exam tomorrow. Come out victorious and make us all proud.

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